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Friday, July 1, 2011


Whoo I finally found it....

Anywhoo for those who don't know, I have been smoke free for over a year now. One day I just decided enough was enough and put them down. It was hard but I came through.. Now just to loose all this weight.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

A New Year

Wow. I haven't updated in forever. Good news

As of June 18th, 2010 I quit smoking. So I am now smoke free. My health is still wonky but I am still trying to cope.

Brother in law is still here. Don't see him moving out anytime soon.

I really need to update this blog more.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Hello, I'm not dead

Yeah I am still floating around but I feel the need to introduce someone to everyone...

This is Dixie Lynn Hitt.. Born June 14, 2009

Daisy is so big now, the one picture of the three of us together, they decided to gang up on me and Daisy was in the process of finding somewhere to hide my body lol.

I just been really sick. I don't know what's wrong but I get better for like three or four days and then I am down again which is making me mad. I don't spend as much time online, pitiful huh? So now I am heading off to bed yet again.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009


First off my laptop died on April Fools Day of all days. It was sort of depressing. But I was finally able to get back online for the first time yesterday.

Yeah I didn't stay on long because I was in so much pain and the pills didn't help.

I had to get a tooth ( I use this term lightly due to the fact the thing had shattered) extracted yesterday and on top of that,

UPS wasn't on time
Daisy kept me awake
MY home phone WOULDN'T STOP RINGING!!!!!!

I know how one of my friends (E) felt when hers wouldn't stop ringing. Uggg..

Even though today I do feel somewhat better, my jaw is throbbing due to the rain. Yeah I get a tooth pulled and it rains the next day.

I post a longer post later. I have a lot to catch up on for the past two weeks. *Sighs* I didn't even get to see the Sasuke Touramant in full.. My computer started acting up that day and then the first went down for good till I got the adapter cord in the mail.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

New Pictures and my V-day gift

First is a picture of Daisy with how big she has gotten.

Man my girl's gotten big.

Next my V-Day gift from hubby.

I had actually wanted this four years ago, the first time I ever laid eyes on it. He decided I was getting it for Valentine's Day.

This is the '09 Model Of The Traxxas Stampede. I wanted the red body but all they had was a display so I had to get the blue. It's a 1-10th Scale Monster Truck. Has Waterproof Electronics in it. Good thing, means I can play in the mud, rain and water. Just can't submurge it all the way.

Side Shot of the Stampede.

Over head shot. Man Oh man could I have some fun at Mt. Mydoriama with this one. I am thinking about making some of the first stage obsticales ( in mini format for the truck on our dirttrack we are building.)

Inside of the truck. Yeah I know something is missing but it's the battery which I remove when I am not playing with it. The battery is pictured below.

This is a picture of the rear end, the motor. My truck goes 35 MPH.. Yeah, I can get two to three feet of air off our jump in the backyard.

The remote. I like it, it's small and easy to use.

The battery. We went with a Venom 3000 7.2 Voltage, just for longer running time.
Patrick said Traxxas would have been proud of me on Saturday. The truck will be modified later on with Aluminum parts and upgraded to a brushless motor for more speed. The parts for these RC's are fairly cheep. The most expensive thing (now) is going to be the brushless motor which will run over 100.00 when and if I choose to do it. I doubt I will. I'm going to change out my tires to skull and crossbones and I am going to get me a clear body and paint it in honor of Sasuke. Might have to cheat and print out the vynal part for the name.

The truck cost 149.99 before we got the battery, which we had to buy seperate, as is the norm.

Other than that..

Havent' hear back from the job yet. Oh and Mother Nature decided to visit me on V-Day. I think I have an ear infection but nothing majorly wrong there. Still playing Dragon Cave, still taking care of myself, Patrick and Daisy, and yes, Matt is still here.

Hope everyone is well and safe.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

I'm alive...sorta

I'm alive but down with a cold again. Daisy decided she wanted to play in the rain and make me chase her so yeah, not feeling so well. Nose is all stuffy and chest is all hurty.

I haven't been online that much because I am trying to distance myself from the computer. It's not anything particular but I really do get upset whenever people "my internet pests" won't leave me alone.

Over the past few days I have been trying to do research online so that me and Patrick can get financed to purchase this place but low and behold, I can't. I go invisable and she still pm's me and pesters me.

I was rude to her but the girl wouldn't leave me alone. I wasn't too rude but I did tell her when she messaged me that I didn't have time nor the patience to talk with her and she still kept on. Even blocking her doesn't do any good. I had to get on extra early tonight just to be able to update this blog because I don't remember when the last time was I did.

Daisy is still good, hyper but good. Patrick is working long hours but the plus is on March 1st he goes back to third shift.

Plus news for me..

I got a call back for an intereview on Friday to a place I applied. I am extra happy and extra excited. But I forgot my refrences on the application but she said I could fill them out on Friday. Wish me luck.

I'm going to go curl up under my blankets now. I just hope to be better by Friday.

So yeah everyone, I am alive just lurking. Hope everyone is well.

Monday, January 19, 2009

My new tattoo...

Not really but I have a tattoo I got done last night. So now we shall do this...

This is the old one..

As you can tell, it isn't finished, not at all. The woman didn't close the tattoo as you can see the stencil marks. It's like she just tattooed within the outline. I didn't really notice that it wasn't fully finished for a few days, until it healed. It honestly doesn't look like a panther, more like a griffin. Even the name was messed up, she redid the lines a few time and on the head, there is a full line that wasn't supposed to be there.

This is the new one..
The picture is mirror imaged. This took a little over an hour to do. If you didn't know I had a tattoo before, you wouldn't know there was one there. The blending is perfect and yes, this tattoo isn't even 24 hours old so it does look rough. He blended the whiskers on the right into the wings on the last one. The white spot was from the gauze I used to blot the leaking ink. Yeah, I have leakage due to the extra ink and the antibiotic ointment. He freehanded all the details, the only thing he used to go by on my skin was the actual head. We had the laptop sitting on the kitchen table and he followed the other one I saw. Which, here is the original that he went from.

He had to improvise certain areas. Also, I believe this is a copy written tattoo from Japan. Yes, the original artist is from Japan. There wasn't a huge improvision but it was more to do with the original and covering it up.

When hubby takes more pics later on this week when it heals more, I will post them.

I am happy because it was very close to what the original picture was. He is so talented to have been able to freehand all the details.